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There are a few questions to go through in order to determine how to place you in our waitlist. Thanks for your cooperation:
What is your postal code?
We are sorry but you live in a region outside our coverage area. We cannot add you to our waitlist at this time.
Do you have an active OHIP card?
You require a valid OHIP card to become a patient. For information on how to apply, try Settlement.org here, or the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care here. Please return to this Waitlist Tool once you obtain your card in order to continue signing up.
Are you fluent in English or French?
Please note, if you are unable to communicate in English or French, you are responsible in obtaining a professional interpreter for your medical visits. If these services are cost prohibitive for you, we suggest registering with your nearest Community Health Centers which provides interpreter services - Click here for information. Our doctors will not accept patients into their practice if language barriers lead to poor patient care and safety concerns.
Are you pregnant and looking for a family physician?
Please call our clinic directly (613) 843-1718 and ask to speak with our Clinic Manager.
Are you looking for a family physician for your newborn infant?
Please call our clinic directly (613) 843-1718 and ask to speak with our Clinic Manager.
Please be ready to provide us with your infantís temporary OHIP # and whether any other family members would like to join the clinic as well. Please note that ideally we should see all infants within 48hrs of discharge from the hospital.
Do you currently have a family physician?
Since you do not currently have a family physician you are eligible to enroll with Health Care Connect (HCC). Enrolling with HCC will prioritize your place on our waiting list. If you wish to enroll with HCC, please complete the brief online registration by clicking here. Once you have completed your HCC application, please return to this page and continue filling out the required information.
Have you signed up with Health Care Connect
Do you have an immediate family member already with the clinic? If so, please give their details:
Name:  Relation to you:  Physician: